Gender-fluid fashion, the ‘new’ exciting trend.

Ever since the 1st World War, with women battling their stations and adapting to the era, the term uni-sex flourished.
However there is a big difference between wearing pants due to extreme conditions and feeling comfortable, more importantly yourself in them.

The term uni-sex is thrown around without much reflection.
Women wearing hoodies, pants and t-shirt can be classified as uni-sex fashion.
Gender-fluidity on the other hand is linked to the recognition of one’ s self. Meaning dress how you feel, not what society expects. Yes, wear a hoodie, a skirt; it doesn’t matter, as long if that’s a representation of your true self!

So why now? Why is it buzzing at this day and age?

 To put it frankly: social media.

The Internet and current social media platforms have allowed individuals to speak up and voice their opinions.

People have been questioning their sexuality as well as their gender more openly then ever before; “Sex is biologically determined at birth, while gender is a social construct” says Dr. Alexandra Sherlock.

With more and more celebrities, such has Post Malone who paid homage to nirvana’s lead singer Kurt Cobain, by wearing a floral dress while live streaming a fundraiser concert earlier this year; or when Kim Kardashian stepped out in a menswear piece of the Virgil Abloh range in 2018, we can see the public’s opinion being influenced (positively of course).

When The Guardian recently approached former One Direction star, Harry Styles on the subject of bisexuality, he simply and abruptly answered: “who cares?” His message was crystal clear: if I like it I wear it!

He was crowned the cover face for Vogue Magazine December, yet again breaking down gender barriers and redefining fashion norms.

Dressing the way one wants, without feeling the ever lingering and judgy eye of the public is of course ballsy and not always easy. Celebrities have an entire entourage to help them face these challenges and frontiers, which is often not the case of your every day Joe.
We urge you to stand out, and to dress how you feel, to be bold and daring, to push the current fashion limits and prejudices of those that judge you.


Be you!