Meet the team behind Young Dust.

The founders are a pair of childhood friends that have known each other for over 15 years. Going through the French high school in Prague together they know each other in and out.

Sebastien, being born and raised in Prague, knows the language, the culture and the city like the back of his sleeve; indulging on Prague’s hidden gems and unique secrets, while also providing influence from his French heritage.
Similarly, Matthias through his Belgian nationality brings in a touch of his own. Having lived in Prague for the past 15 years, Matthias has fallen in love with the city and now calls it his home.

These two minds, despite their very different personalities but thanks to their similar background in business as well as a keen understanding of each other, have managed to come together and create Young Dust.

Where did the idea of Young Dust come from?

Sebastien: ‘We discovered our love and appreciation for second- hand clothing and the vintage scene whilst visiting family and friends, on a holiday trip to Paris. Of course, Paris being the fashion capital of the world, it was an enormous source of inspiration for us. If you are a fan of the second hand market, Paris and its little boutiques are a must!’

Very different from London’s thrift scene, Parisian thrift shops focus more on the classic and vintage side of fashion, and understandably, the “French chic”.

Why focus on second-hand?

Matthias: ‘With climate change being a topic that has been raising a lot of attention throughout the past few years, second-hand shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Buying pre-loved products is not only a cheaper alternative, but also a more sustainable one!’

When one thinks of gas emissions, the fashion industry is not typically an industry that pops in ones head. However, the fashion industry actually accounts for 10% of the world’s gas emissions.
In fact, the production of fashion items causes much more harm to our planet, than just emissions.
The following link is an article from the Business insider, explaining how and to what extent the fashion industry actually harms the planet:

Whether a particular item is simply re-used or up-cycled, we believe it to be the future of fashion.
Even Louis Vuitton’s artistic director – Virgil Abloh, thinks so.
During an interview with the popular magazine Dazed, he labeled the street wear trend to be dying, while expressing his enthusiasm towards the vintage market “I think that like we’re gonna hit this like, really awesome state of expressing your knowledge and personal style with vintage”.
Therefore, we have decided to create a premium second-hand store, offering clothing but also a wide range of other products.

We are not your typical thrift shop; all our items are handpicked with great attention to quality, style and detail.
Young Dust conceptualizes its timeless vision into a lifestyle, thus transcending the mere retail concept!

Come check us out at Cimburkova 583/6, Zizkov, Praha 3.