My name is Dustin Young, and this site is a collection of my past and future development projects. This site is very much a work in progress. My latest project is a multi-platform, Unity 3D game called Cosmos Colonists. It is now released for Android, or you can just play it here.

Click below to try it out.

Cosmos Colonists » Fast Faller »


I have a BA in Computer Science from St. Edward's University.

Java is the language I have used the most in my history with programming, but most recently I have been using Javascript more than anything (in conjunction with Unity3d).

My main programming interests lie in game development as you can see from my projects, but I am interested in anything that deals with programming.

Some other languages I have introduced myself to in the past include: C#, C++, HTML/HTML5/CSS, Assembly, Prolog, CLISP, Python, and Scheme.

If you need a Unity developer or a game created for any purpose, please contact me.

youngdust at gmail.com