• Checked & Washed

    Every single one of our garments goes through a quality control process before being washed and steamed. This process consists of checking for defect such as holes , stains etc...

    If given defect cannot be fixed or removed, the garment is given a grade in accordance to its condition, which will also be reflected on the item's price (go to our faq for more info on how we grade our garments).

  • E.U. Shipping

    We ship throughout the entire European Union. For orders of 1500czk or more, shipping is free for the Czech Republic. For orders of 3000czk or more, shipping is free for the E.U.

  • Handpicked

    90% of our garments are handpicked, meaning they have been picked-out by one of our team members at one of our suppliers. Handpicking provides us with the certainty of knowing exactly what we get and where we get it from, thus the quality of our products is guaranteed. The standard of our products is our priority.

About us

Young Dust is a premium vintage & second shop located in the Zizkov district in Prague where products are handpicked with attention to quality, style and detail. 
 Young Dust conceptualises its timeless vision into a lifestyle, transcending the mere retail concept.  

We are Matthias and Sebastien, a pair of childhood friends that have known each other for over 15 years. 

We discovered our love and appreciation for second-hand clothing and the vintage scene whilst visiting Paris in 2018. Of course, Paris being the fashion capital of the world, it was an enormous source of inspiration for us.  However, this does not mean we are reluctant to be inspired by other fashion scenes. On the contrary! At Young Dust, we offer a wide range of products from all kinds of brands and styles.

Our physical store

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