We Are



Hi there!  

We are Matthias and Sebastien, a pair of childhood friends that have known each other for over 15 years.  

We discovered our love and appreciation for second- hand clothing and the vintage scene whilst visiting family and friends, on a holiday trip to Paris. Of course, Paris being the fashion capital of the world, it was an enormous source of inspiration for us.  

 Very different from London’s thrift scene, Parisian thrift shops focus more on the classic and vintage side of fashion, and understandably, the “French chic”. This does not mean we are reluctant to be inspired by the British fashion scene. On the contrary! At Young Dust you will find brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Dior paralleled with urban street brands such as Nike, Adidas and Champion.  

Founded in 2020, Young Dust brings you timeless second-hand gems; from old school to new school through retro and vintage. Handpicked with attention to quality, style and detail.

Young Dust conceptualises its timeless vision into a lifestyle, transcending the mere retail concept.  

We cannot wait to bring you our passion, vision and drive through Young Dust! Come check us out at Cimburkova 583/6, Zizkov, Praha 3.